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Success Story: Nico Marques Architectural Photographer

Architectural Brilliance In Focus: GVG Agency's Partnership with Acclaimed Architectural Photographer Nico Marques of Photekt.

In 2013, client Nico Marques, a renowned architectural photographer based in Los Angeles and Porto, Portugal, hired GVG to support the development and acceleration of his brand and the launch of his company, Photekt.

Through brand storytelling and strategic PR and media strategies, GVG reshaped how Marques’s work was presented to the world. For years, Marques has brought an international touch to architectural photography, stemming from diverse training in both architecture and photography. His easy-going yet highly focused approach has roots in his upbringing on a Portuguese vineyard and his time serving as a designer in boutique architecture firms across California and Germany.

A momentous decision to merge his passion for photography and architecture marked the inception of Photekt, where he stepped away from his desk to become a champion of his friends' and colleagues' work through architectural photography.GVG Agency, recognizing the wealth of Marques’s background, embarked on a journey to craft a brand story that mirrored his international perspective and passion for architectural storytelling. The narrative seamlessly integrated Nico's formative years on a Portuguese vineyard, shaping his appreciation for wine and food, and his transformative transition from a designer to a dedicated architectural photographer.

Before engaging GVG Agency, Marques had received much acclaim for his work, with his photography being featured in a multitude of premier architectural and design publications, but he had never stepped out front from his work to tell his story and share his expertise in his own words. As we do for all of our clients, GVG provided targeted consultations on PR and media strategy, acknowledging Nico's unique profile, guiding him in navigating the media landscape, and ensuring that every interaction with the press contributed strategically to the overarching brand narrative.

The culmination of this collaboration saw Marques telling his story in powerful publications such as Design Milk, Archinect, ArchDaily, and many more, within interviews, feature profiles, and other coverage that brought Nico's narrative and his work to the forefront. The result? A seamless integration of a compelling brand story, strategic media placements, and Nico's captivating photographic work resulted in a significant boost to his brand recognition. Marques and his company Photekt evolved from a portfolio into a distinguished brand in the press, solidifying his status as a thought leader in the architecture and design domains.

The success story extends beyond media coverage, with Nico's satisfaction leading to continued partnerships and active referrals, including architectural design firms in Los Angeles.GVG’s collaboration with Marques serves as a powerful testament to the transformative impact of a holistic approach in shaping and elevating personal brands for professionals, ensuring a lasting impact in their industries. 


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