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Empowering RiskScout’s Journey: How Strategic Storytelling, PR & Bold B2B Marketing Drove FinTech Startup to Market Dominance

In 2021, RiskScout, an Austin-based FinTech Cloud SaaS solution committed to empowering community financial institutions, alleviating compliance burdens, and enhancing operational efficiency in underbanked, higher-risk, and specialty markets, hired GVG Agency to help the company reach its target audience more effectively, gain more visibility, and expand its market presence as a newly launched product. 

With a team boasting decades of experience in enterprise software development, cloud banking, and regulatory compliance, RiskScout offers a modern, cloud-based solution to address the shortcomings of outdated compliance and operations tools. Their platform facilitates expansion into new markets, streamlines back-office processes, and fosters financial inclusion by providing access to banking services for entrepreneurs in underserved communities. As client institutions grow and succeed, RiskScout grows with them, embodying the ethos of a true partner dedicated to their success.

GVG recommended a comprehensive suite of services tailored to RiskScout's needs, including media outreach, messaging & positioning refinement, and strategic brand storytelling. The collaboration focused on leveraging GVG Agency's expertise and industry connections to amplify RiskScout's brand presence across various channels. Through strategic PR, content marketing, and other digital media strategies, GVG supported RiskScout’s introduction to the marketplace, leveraging its innovation and unique value proposition for America’s financial institutions seeking new pathways to fuel growth.GVG helped introduce and position RiskScout through both product-led and founder-led media coverage and content, and we interviewed existing clients and partners of RiskScout to develop compelling case studies, success stories, and media pitches.

In line with our commitment to all clients, GVG offered regular consultations on PR and media strategies and positioning, recognizing RiskScout's distinct identity and brand story. We facilitated RiskScout in navigating the media landscape, ensuring that each interaction with the press advanced the strategic storytelling of the brand.

Throughout this partnership, RiskScout became the focus of enhanced interest by reporters from several high-profile industry and consumer media outlets across various targeted verticals, including American Banker, Wall Street Journal, Cannabis Insider, Benzinga, Business Insider, Bank Director Magazine, Finance Magazine, Independent Banker, FinExtra, FinTech Magazine, TechCrunch, Tech Bullion, and more. These print and broadcast interviews, feature profiles, and expert commentary helped shine a light on RiskScout’s founder story and its contributions to financial institutions by opening new growth opportunities. 

The partnership yielded significant outcomes for RiskScout, including a substantial increase in brand visibility and recognition within the financial services and tech industries; an expansion of market reach and customer base, leading to a surge in client inquiries and partnership opportunities; and elevated thought leadership status, with RiskScout and its founder Justin Fischer being acknowledged as a leading authority and innovator in the sector.

The collaboration between RiskScout and GVG exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in driving brand visibility and market reach. By leveraging GVG Agency's expertise and industry connections, RiskScout successfully navigated the challenges of establishing its brand presence in the competitive financial services landscape. Moving forward, RiskScout is poised for continued growth and success, fueled by its strengthened market position and enhanced industry credibility.

RiskScout's satisfaction fostered enduring partnerships and amplification of referrals, extending to influential players in PrivacyTech and other technology areas. 

By Steven Le Vine, Founder & President at GVG Agency


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