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“Steven Le Vine is a super sharp guy who gets businesses and marketing on a deep level. His take on positioning your brand through earned media as well as driving actual revenue through PR is brilliant! If you get the chance to work with him, I would highly recommend you do so!”

Founder of
Rock Star Entrepreneur Network
Lisa Loeb

"Five years together and I could not have asked for a better team. Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do for me.” 

Grammy-Winning Songwriter
Ralph Rucci

"I want you to know how much I respect you. Your passion, talent, professionalism, and drive has helped us more than I can explain…and you do it with a quiet gentlemanly style.”

Ralph Rucci works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Renowned Fashion Designer
Dr. Todd Lanman

“GVG was instrumental in our growth, expanding our brand awareness and patient awareness. We appreciate their expertise, professionalism and efforts in establishing important relationships with the media and recommend GVG as an important resource.”

Dr Lanman works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Beverly Hills
Estelle Reyes

“We are so grateful to Steven for paying it forward and playing a critical role in empowering our next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.”

Former Exec. 
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship -Greater LA.
Fran Berger

"I am profoundly indebted to GVG for their exceptional prowess in launching my personal brand as a luxury home goods and sophisticated living designer. GVG orchestrated remarkable mainstream media coverage and cultivated invaluable partnerships with brands, culminating in the launch of my coffee table book—a testament to their dedication and ingenuity in the realm of brand growth."

Fran Berger works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Home Entertaining & Lifestyle Designer
Michael Carbonaro

“I turn to GVG when I want the truth, and a plan of action.”

Michael Carbonaro works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Host of truTV’s
“The Carbonaro Effect”
Tony Sweet

“Steven is great to work with and a very talented businessman.”

Tony Sweet works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Owner/CEO of Universal Broadcasting Network
Matt Brady

“GVG is my go-to for all my personal, company, film, and TV PR. If you want to get a front-page story in Variety, you hire Steven Le Vine and his team. Every time someone asks for a recommendation on a PR company, I recommend GVG. They manage to get the top editors in the news to actually pick up the phone.”

Matt Brady works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Emmy-Winning Producer & Founder of MRB Productions
Cody Lassen

“Working with GVG, you get the best of both worlds: the individual attention and service of a boutique firm but all of the resources and contacts of a large firm. I highly recommend them.”

Cody Lassen works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Marketing Director at Center Theatre Group
Lyndsey Parker

“When working with GVG, Steven has always been easy to work with…and always professional and reliable. He’s a hard worker and also a nice guy!”

Lyndsey Parker works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Editor-in-Chief,  Yahoo! Music
Brandi Kamenar

“One of my favorite publicists. I have tremendous respect for you and your work.”

Brandi Kamenar works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Award-winning personal Branding Agent and founder of 
Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills
Michael Knipp

“GVG is an a-plus team, and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to every collaboration. Their clients are in extremely good hands!”

Michael Knipp works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Principal of Paper Rox Scissors
Hailey Heisick

“Steven and his agency have increased my publicity as an actress enormously, securing multiple exclusive interviews in print and television. Further, my association with his business has helped to raise my career profile to the next level. Highly recommend!”

Hailey Heisick works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Kent Healy

“Meeting Steven renewed my confidence in an industry of weak promises and meager results. Steven wears his heart on his sleeve, cares deeply about results – the “value add” as defined by his clients.”

Kent Healy works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Author of Multiple Bestselling Books & Serial Entrepreneur
Michael Ciriaco

“As an LA-based journalist, I’ve had the pleasure of working and interacting with Steven on multiple occasions. He is one of the smartest, hardest working publicists in Southern California, and any time I am looking for article ideas, he is one of the first persons I contact.”

Michael Ciriaco works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Writer at LA Weekly
Mara Marini

“The personalized attention and care that gvg gives to every one of its clients builds the best kind of confidence. I am very grateful for their support. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.
Steven Le Vine is creative, fun to work with, and dedicated. I highly recommend this agency.”

Mara Marini works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
American TV/Film Actress & Comedienne
“Parks and Recreation”
Pete Sveen

“Steven is a motivated entrepreneur who loves helping others. I’ve seen Steven take many of his clients to the next level and would without a doubt feel confident in knowing Steven would help any business positively. Steven has an amazing network and is well connected in the entrepreneurial and PR world.”

Pete Sveen works with GVG Agency Online Marketing & PR
Owner of Think Entrepreneurship

Case Studies


High-Risk BSA AML Compliance for Banking Institutions

Overview: RiskScout, a FinTech SaaS platform designed to ease the burden of compliance for community banks and other smaller financial institutions, to deliver services to high-risk markets such as Cannabis, sought to gain visibility over its competition, primarily in banking and tech trades, to reach its target audience more effectively and become the leader in its space.

Strategy: GVG tailored a strategy for RiskScout that combined earned media, content marketing, and other digital marketing services to position RiskScout as the market leader for streamlined compliance solutions surrounding high-risk businesses, such as cannabis and hemp, cryptocurrency, private ATMs, money services businesses, and more. 


GVG crafted case studies and blog articles for RiskScout, and secured high-profile coverage in a slew of trades and consumer media outlets, including Wall Street Journal, American Banker, Cannabis Insider, Benzinga, FinTech Magazine, and TechCrunch, within just the first six months. This led to several strategically aligned partnerships for the company, and an increase in leads and new business. 


High-Value Placements


Media Value Secured




Unique Pickups

Nth Round

High-Value Placements


Unique Pickups




Media Value Secured


Overview: Nth Round, a Philadelphia-based FinTech startup enabling direct investor engagement and equity management, hired GVG Agency to help get in front of business owners and CFOs, as well as introduce their product to the marketplace.  business owners and CFOs, and introduce their brand seeking a solution to more efficiently and directly communicate with shareholders and manage equity.

Strategy: GVG tailored a PR and digital marketing strategy that positioned Nth Round’s advanced SaaS platform as the winning solution for private businesses looking to more efficiently and directly communicate with shareholders and manage equity. But, as the pandemic hit and the economy crashed, GVG helped the company pivot to a strategy employing messaging centered around the blockchain platform helping private businesses raise capital when many small businesses were in dire need of quick funding and access to liquidity.   

Outcomes: This campaign proved highly successful, garnering substantial press coverage for the company in Benzinga, Philadelphia Business Journal, VentureBeat, Blockchain Business, FinTech Magazine,, Axios, Yahoo Finance, and much more. Nth Round’s founders have since described GVG as their ‘partners’ and an essential part of their internal team.

Equity Management SaaS


High-Value Placements


Unique Pickups




Media Value Secured


Overview: LOKKER, an advanced digital privacy management platform that empowers companies to protect their customers’ data, sought to introduce its product to the public and reach target prospects and prospective partners in various industry sectors, including HealthCare and Financial Services. 

Strategy: GVG devised a PR and content marketing strategy to reach chief privacy officers, marketing, and advertising executives, CISOs, and general counsel, across various verticals, educate them about the potential risks posed to their customers’ data on their company websites, and position LOKKER as the leading platform to illuminate risks, block interference, and deliver safer and more efficient online environments.

Outcomes: This strategy led to increased media attention in front of these audiences, in major industry trades including CPO Magazine, InformationWeek, and a slew of other outlets, in the form of expert commentary, publication of excerpts and data from white papers, and other types of coverage. GVG also secured LOKKER inclusion in a Forrester’s Report, and led the production of a reel for the brand. 

Web Privacy Management Software

Mammoth / VTAGZ

High-Value Placements


Unique Pickups




Media Value Secured


Overview: GVG Agency was hired by parent company Mammoth to support the launch of VTAGZ, the first-of-its-kind, technologically innovative platform enabling brands to be at the intersection of digital ownership and brand promotion. 

Strategy: GVG helped develop VTAGZ’s brand story and brand architecture, devised a creative content strategy for its founders, and launched its very first campaign partnering with the top Gen Z social media influencers and content creators, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, and its Greylock and Polygon partners. This was then used as a case study for brands to begin navigating the Web3 and NFT space, to position VTAGZ and its parent company Mammoth as industry leaders and innovators.  

Outcomes: The initial campaign resulted in top-tier media coverage in Adweek, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Ad Age, Vanity Fair, Vogue, CNBC, and People; a contributorship with Rolling Stone for its founder, and panel and speaker ops at a number of large-scale events, including Digital Assets Conference and NFT NYC, and several awards and accolades as an industry innovator. GVG also crafted highly technical content for the brand, leading to significant consumption and share rates, including on topics such as blockchain’s ease of use and the decentralization of virtual identity. 

Direct to Retail MarTech Platform


Increased Website Traffic


Unique Pickups




Media Value Secured


Overview: GVG Agency was hired by the founders of San Francisco-based WorkTech/HRTech startup Grove, to help support the launch of their platform to increase sales leads and attract more funding opportunities from investors.

Strategy: GVG helped position the company as the leading, first-of-its-kind platform enabling organizations to efficiently build, manage, scale, and measure workplace culture programs, and rolled out a number of PR and media campaigns, as well as an abundance of original content, to tie that message with various themes being covered in the news (otherwise known as ‘trendjacking’), for example, the Great Resignation. The strategy GVG put together also included elevating Grove’s founder to a thought leader on workplace culture, by garnering him opportunities to share his expert commentary in the media.

Outcomes: GVG secured Grove’s founder Chris Allsopp a tremendous number of opportunities to share his expert commentary and introduce his startup in high-profile media outlets, including, CrunchBase, Meet The Disruptors, Nathan Latka’s The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast, and more. This led to a surge in website traffic, leads, and opportunities for recognition of the brand in front of its target audience.

Workplace Culture Software

The Solution Nutrition & Hydration | GVG Agency PR & Digital Marketing for Disruptive Tech and Brands

The Solution

Media Value Secured


Business Acquired


Expanded to 3 Locations


Million Impressions


Overview: GVG was engaged by Southern California-based IV hydration brand The Solution IV in Summer 2019 to help expand from one location to three.

Strategy: The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide, and Grapevine PR responded promptly, helping pivot from an IV hydration therapy provider to a state-of-the-art COVID testing source for individuals, corporate partners, and TV and film studios. As locations reopened, GVPR aided in repositioning as a preeminent source of personalized wellness solutions . Thanks to Grapevine PR's strategic guidance and content creation, The Solution IV emerged from the pandemic stronger, more dynamic, and better equipped to serve their customers' evolving needs. 

Outcomes: Ultimately, The Solution was acquired providing the founders with a successful exit.

Nutrition & Hydration Retail

William Shatner | GVG Agency PR & Digital Marketing for Disruptive Tech and Brands

William Shatner

Actor, Author & Astronaut

Overview: For six decades, William Shatner has been a household name as a cultural icon. He was seeking a new publicist to both gate keep inbound media leads and also drive attention to his beloved annual charity horse show, as he felt its prior press outreach had become stale. He needed a new PR team he could trust to reinvent his brand.

Strategy: GVG devised a strategy to reintroduce Shatner as a philanthropic, future-thinking figure, and crafted a new story to better position him to new audiences.

Outcomes: GVG rolled out a major campaign for Shatner, securing appearances on CBS’ “The Talk,” Hallmark’s “Home & Family,“ BBC, “WTF With Marc Maron,” “The Adam Carolla Show,” ABC, Parade, and more. Since then, Shatner has flown to space aboard Blue Origin, and has had a documentary on his life premiere at SXSW to a sold-out crowd. 


Media Value Secured


High-Value Placements




Donations Received

Featured Testimonials

Justin Fischer

"I've used large firms before but none of them have delivered as many pitches and pickups nor did they spend the time like Steven and team do to understand our business. I consider Steven a part of the team… You'd be in great hands with them."

CEO of RiskScout
William Shatner

“Many thanks for all the work you do and wrangling the media so eloquently.”

Cultural Icon & Investor
Graham McConnell

“We have really loved working with you and your team. In working with you we learned that it’s so helpful to have a partner like GVG who is ready to jump on opportunities, many of which we probably wouldn’t have ever been in the running for, which you secured for us.”

Founder of Nth Round
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