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Nth Round's Triumph: Adapting PR & Media Strategies Amidst Turbulent Times

Nth Round GVG'c Client

In 2018, in the throes of 21st-century disruption, Nth Round, a Philadelphia-based FinTech startup, embarked on a mission to redefine the dynamics of investor engagement and equity management. Armed with a visionary blockchain-based SaaS platform, they enlisted the expertise of GVG Agency to navigate the competitive terrain and amplify their brand presence. GVG tailored a PR and digital marketing strategy that positioned Nth Round’s advanced platform as the winning solution for private businesses looking to communicate with shareholders more efficiently and directly and manage equity. GVG partnered with Nth Round on new positioning and messaging to get them in front of business owners and CFOs.

But a few months after, as the world grappled with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty loomed large, Nth Round confronted a pivotal challenge. The traditional playbook no longer sufficed in the face of unprecedented economic disruption. GVG recognized the immediate need for a pivot in strategy and positioning and charted a course that would not only mitigate risks but seize upon emergent opportunities.

The new strategy positioned Nth Round's platform as a catalyst for change amidst economic turmoil. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, they reframed the narrative, showcasing Nth Round as a lifeline for businesses and entrepreneurs in dire need of capital infusion. This strategic pivot underscored Nth Round's commitment to innovation and responsiveness to market needs.

With precision and tenacity, GVG executed a multifaceted campaign across PR and digital marketing channels. This campaign leveraged compelling storytelling and strategic messaging to captivate audiences and garner widespread media coverage surrounding the platform helping private businesses raise capital when many small businesses were in dire need of quick funding and access to liquidity. From Benzinga to Fintech Magazine to Blockchain Business and Yahoo Finance, Nth Round's narrative resonated with stakeholders, propelling them into the spotlight of industry acclaim.

Since then Nth Round and its founder have continued to emerge as trailblazers and market leaders, heralded for their ingenuity and resilience. Nth Round’s founder Graham McConnell even described GVG as ‘partners’ and an essential part of their internal team.

By embracing change and charting a new course amidst uncertainty, Nth Round has thrived, carving a path to enduring success.


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