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4 Reasons Early-Stage Tech Startups Can Leverage the Power of PR For Funding

Many tech founders underestimate the challenges of funding a startup. They work tirelessly to present their product in a way that enlightens investors on its worth, without weighing the sheer multitude of startups competing for the eye of a few investors. Weigh in the charisma it requires to present a product in a captivating, relatable way to the equation and you may have just arrived. “Arrived where?” you ask; at the very moment, many entrepreneurs begin bootstrapping: enlisting the financial support of family or friends, crowdfunding, or simply pouring every dime they have into the launch. Very few find long-term success in this seed round; while many unknowingly start their way into the dreaded “valley of death.”  

So, let’s start with the bad news: the Small Business Administration estimates that 90% of startups fail regardless of industry. Of those, 70% fail in years 2-5 (well into bootstrapping years and likely uncomfortably close to exhaustion of personal funds).  And get this – up to 29% of those startups listed the reason for closing their doors as “lack of funding.” Daunting stats; we know. And if you are in the technology industry, odds are stacked even further against you with an oversaturated market to contend with.

But here is the secret many startups fail to consider and good news to encourage you with: Partnering with a PR firm takes the pressure off of you, the innovator, and allows your PR team to utilize their relational adeptness to share your story to very attentive ears.

Here are 4 reasons every startup should partner with a PR firm to grow and scale.

  1. You innovate. We educate. Your mind is that of a creator—of a service, a product, a brand. The power of a reputable, proven Public Relations agency is not in creating, but rather in crafting the story of what you have already created.  You are the story; a skilled publicist and strategist on the other hand gets the honor of sharing it with those who will glean value from it

  1. You gain from another’s credibility. A strong PR and digital marketing partner is recognized and respected in the media world. Reporters, journalists, and producers, from both consumer and trade media outlets trust the reputation of a PR partner and recognize the value they bring and because of that, will soon recognize yours.

  1. You build a solid press portfolio. Targeted pitch campaigns orchestrate an opportunity for startups to build press portfolios that irresistibly invite the attention of both peers and potential larger investors, such as angel investors and venture capital firms. This allows investors to realize their desperate desire to become part of your story.

  1. A credible publicist will cut through the noise and showcase YOU. They excel in representing your essence and showcasing your brand, leveraging their stature in media to accentuate the qualities that make both your product and brand stand out. They connect you to the right audience, provide a grand introduction, and slip off into the shadows to watch you shine. Now you have the attention you need to propel your startup into long-term success! And hey! If you are reading this and seeking a marked distinction in a very congested tech market, cutting through the noise is paramount to being discovered.

Regardless of what funding stage your startup is in today, we know the first 10 years of any startup require taking massive risks. Are you an entrepreneur who knows the worth of your product but needs help communicating that to funding sources successfully? Does the prototype you hold have unrealized potential simply because the market is oversaturated? Consider partnering with a proven PR & digital marketing agency willing to recognize the uniqueness of your story. Partner with a publicist willing to craft a compelling and strategic campaign to attract funding significant enough for your startup to surpass the survival stage and, instead, beautifully flourish. 

It’s time for you to be known.

By Steven Le Vine, President and Co-Founder at GVG Agency.


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