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Millennial Magazine - Steven Le Vine: PR Strategy Consultant

Steven Le Vine was a natural-born promoter. As a child, he would share with classmates colorful stories of places he had traveled and give away copies of albums from musical artists he admired. It was only natural for him to follow a career trajectory that allowed him to use his innate talents and passion to help others share their own stories. He was also a born entrepreneur. It was only weeks after graduating from college with a degree in Public Relations that he launched his own PR agency, grapevine pr + Consulting, specializing in entertainment and lifestyle while working as an intern for a mammoth real estate public relations firm in his home state of New Jersey.

When his success story landed him on the front page of the business section of the state’s second-largest newspaper, upper management was caught by surprise and gave him an ultimatum. He took a significant risk to go it alone despite predictions of failure.

Nearly a decade later and now based in Los Angeles, LeVine’s agency has represented over 200 clients, including some of those same musicians he promoted as a teenager. He has had the opportunity to travel to Africa on behalf of a client’s non-profit, Sylvia’s Children, and joined a client on one of the largest concert tours of all time, Madonna’s MDNA Tour, handling press for her longtime guitarist, Monte Pittman. He recently expanded his business to offer strategic PR consulting services, in addition to media outreach campaigns.

Year born: 1981

Age: 34

City: Los Angeles, CA

Background: Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Focus: Journalism/PR) from William Paterson University

Profession: President of Grapevine PR & Consulting, Publicity Outreach & PR Strategy Consultant

Tools of the Trade: Microsoft Word, Apple MacBook Pro, Google, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPad

Connect: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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