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It’s no surprise public relations has metamorphosed beyond recognition. Gone are the days when solid relationships between publicists and journalists held all the power. Back then, the burning question from prospective clients was, “Do you have strong connections with the media?”

But today, the media landscape is a dynamic beast. Reporters and producers more regularly change roles, sometimes beats of coverage within the same outlet, and other times moving altogether; even if you have a contact in the newsroom, it’s the story that rules the roost. “We decided to release our book, Stories That F*cking Matter, last year to drive home the power a great story has in winning over media, investors, and the public,” says Le Vine. “We have been able to just as easily gain coverage for clients in overseas and foreign language media outlets without ever having built a trusted relationship, as with long-held, close contacts at outlets. A good story is the calling card, now; not the relationship.”

But, even with that, media visibility no longer dictates a brand’s success. Enter the era of celebrity influencers and content creators, rewriting the playbook on how brands connect with their audiences.

The digital revolution has given voice to the masses, thanks to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, X, TikTok, blogs, and podcasts. Journalists no longer guard the gates; it’s a realm of limitless possibilities.

But, it remains a puzzle. Once upon a time, budgets were neatly divided between print, TV, and radio, spanning paid and owned media. Now, the options for ROI-driven campaigns and tactics can boggle the mind as there are so many permutations.

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