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Balancing the Grind With Steven Le Vine, President of Grapevine pr + Consulting

Steven Le Vine is the President of Los Angeles-based grapevine pr + Consulting, a full-service entertainment & lifestyle PR agency launched in 2006.

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The definition of ‘work’ is any mental or physical activity done in order to achieve a result. We breathe, right? We engage in physical activity every second of every day to achieve a result – that is, to live – without even realizing it. Life is merely existence, but another way of looking at it is that it’s a journey. It’s whatever you make of it – there is no value, per se, other than how you measure it.

Society – especially Western society – puts ‘work’ in a negative column – that it’s essentially a chore that must be carried out every day in order to have the opportunity to enjoy life. But if it’s a chore to you, stop right there because you’re already in the wrong place.

Work is part of life, and life is part of work. If you are unfulfilled in either – you need to make a major change, because they should ultimately be interchangeable.

Similarly, ‘success’ could be argued the same way. There is no real way of measuring success that is definite and universal because it’s subjective.

For one person, success may be getting out of bed to brush their teeth in the morning, and for another it might be making two billion dollars a year, owning multiple yachts, private jets, and six homes. The person who is getting out of bed may be happier with their success than the individual who has successfully achieved attaining everything they want materialistically and still don’t feel fulfilled.


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