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Business Insider -21 Big Names In PR Reveal The Most Disastrous Publicity Mistakes They've Seen

Public relations is more important than most small business owners realize. But before you take a deep dive into PR, you should know: It’s not the 80s – everything has changed. You may have built a profitable company, but with the right public relations strategy, you’re on the brink of developing a world-class “brand.”

Before you develop illusions of grandeur about landing on The Today Show or the front page of national news -- you should be keenly aware of the mistakes that most of the smallest businesses make when it comes to PR.

We’ve tapped some of the nation’s leading public relations firms, run by entrepreneurs just like you, to uncover the number one PR mistake your small business makes. Are you, and your agency, doing PR right? Let’s find out.

13. Be realistic and give it time. You don’t give PR enough time to work effectively, and expect it to make your business flourish overnight. Many small businesses only utilize PR for a short amount of time and then abandon it quickly when it doesn't live up to their unrealistic expectations.

Los Angeles: Steven Le Vine, President/CEO at Grapevine PR: @grapevinepr


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