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The Quick Start Guide to Trendjacking for Tech Disruptors

If you clicked on this Quick Start Guide you might be a tech disruptor. If so, great job developing an innovation, creating a unique MVP, or uncovering a technological need that has been overlooked! The world needs more tech pioneers willing to look beyond the existing circumstances and demand better

Trendjacking for Tech Disruptors

Early traction on your idea is critical. 

In a world dripping with fresh ideas from innovative minds–it seems like more often than not global tech giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon win the day. The reason why boils down to media impressions. Media impressions are the number of people who have seen or heard about you or your innovation within a specific time. One thing big tech has no shortage of is an audience. There is a lot of hype generated for their products and the world holds its breath for the newest releases that come following major tech summits like CES.

So we’ll ask–have potential investors or consumers had the opportunity to learn about your innovation? 

The more people that see your product in a given time, the more familiar people will become with you and your innovation. Investors and consumers need to feel confident that a product or idea is worthy of their hard-earned dollars and sometimes for lesser-known disruptors that takes time. So how do you increase your media impressions? 

There are a lot of ways you can become more visible through PR, but this QSG covers one – trendjacking

What is trendjacking?


Simply put, trendjacking (or newsjacking) is a PR technique for capitalizing on the newsworthiness of a current topic being heavily covered in the news cycle and using it to get you, your company, or your product noticed by a much more substantial audience. 

Trendjacking can be effective because it involves taking advantage of a trend that already has a lot of eyes and attention on it. But like any good thing, there is ample opportunity for error if done incorrectly. To keep tech disruptors like you on the RIGHT side of trendjacking, check out this QSG to get started on the right track.

Initial Setup

Immerse yourself in the news cycle.

Check periodically throughout the day to ensure you don’t miss important updates. Use tools like Google Alerts to notify you about topics that relate to your tech company, its solutions, and its products. Sign up for Connectively’s HARO - ‘Help A Reporter Out’ - to get an inside look at what reporters are covering in real-time. This can help you get a jump on emerging trends and news stories.

Care and Handling Tips 

Think before you act. 

Be strategic about what you choose to trendjack. Trying to trendjack every trending topic won’t serve you well. You might find you have to wait a while before something comes along that relates heavily to your innovation. But wait anyway. If you are over-zealous it can result in the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Rather than being noticed in a positive light you might be seen as opportunistic or worse tone-deaf. When in doubt ask a trusted authority about your idea before putting it out to the public. 

Take action – time is vitally important. 

When you notice a relevant topic is trending and you have counted the cost, take action. Spend some time researching the subject and explain to the world why your POV is unique. Make sure you tie in your company's solutions/products related to that trending topic. Remember that your goal is to get noticed positively and productively. If you can be seen as an expert in your field, be quoted on coverage around the topic, or provide expert commentary in print or live on TV or radio then that will do wonders for your reputability.

Additional Support

If media impressions and trendjacking aren’t things you want to tackle alone – or just aren’t your cup of tea – we understand.

For more support or to let us be your trusted authority, visit us at GVG Agency.


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