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Author & Founder of Emily Shane Foundation, Ellen Shane Speaks with Conversations LIVE's Cyrus Webb

Cyrus Webb, host of the long-running Conversations LIVE Radio recently invited grapevine pr client Ellen Shane, founder of the Emily Shane Foundation, author, and recipient of the Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award, on the show to discuss her first-ever children's book and her foundation.

After enduring the tragic killing of her 13-year-old daughter Emily by an enraged driver 10 years ago, Ellen and her husband Michel founded The Emily Shane Foundation, which supports disadvantaged middle schoolers through individualized and intensive academic tutoring and mentoring. She now releases her beautifully illustrated children's book, Emily's Gift, about Emily's gift of bringing two dogs into the previously pet-less household.

Check out the interview in full (21 mins in length) here. And to purchase Emily's Gift, The True Story of Sherlock and Jackson, go here.


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