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Author & CEO of 2X, Austin Netzley, Names Stories That F*cking Matter "Must-Read for Entrepreneurs"

Austin Netzley has made a name for himself as a prominent business growth advisor, CEO of 2X, and author of "The 2-Week Vacation Test."

We are thrilled to share with you the latest review that our book, Stories That F*cking Matter: Three Pillars of Epic Storytelling to Dominate Media Headlines, Win Clients and Grow Your Business, has received from Austin Netzley!

The Review:

"A Must-Read For Entrepreneurs"

"This book is a powerful guide to crafting compelling narratives in today's media-saturated world. It equips readers with strategies to capture fleeting attention in today's digital age, including "Trendjacking" to harness trending topics for media exposure. It also provides a step-by-step process for turning journalists into storytelling partners. This book is an essential resource for those seeking to navigate the crowded media landscape, offering advanced storytelling techniques to earn exposure, credibility, and trust. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their communication and media outreach skills."

- Austin Netzley, Author of "The 2-Week Vacation Test"


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