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Growth Unlocked: Master the Art of Free Media Coverage + Free Book!

Did you miss our previous live webinar or would you like to refresh your memory? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Here’s the recording video:

In this webinar, we discussed the essentials of telling a Story that F'n Matters! Master the art of storytelling: Roots, Stakes, and Impact.

We also provided some quick hacks to get FREE press!

  1. Fundamentals of Public Relations (PR)

  2. Hacks to captivate media attention

  3. HARO (Help A Report Out)

  4. Using Trendjacking

  5. Maximizing and accelerating your Press coverage


Our Coming up events!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our next coming webinar Growth Unlocked: How to Create an Epic Brand Story! Save the date September 19th.

Join Garrett McClure and Steven Le Vine of Grapevine Growth Agency (GVG) for a free deep dive into best practices and tips that work!


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